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It's a horrible feeling isn't it? You look up in the rearview mirror and see the police car with its lights flashing....right behind you.

Your heart rate quickens and a hundred thoughts race through your mind....because you had a couple of drinks and a law enforcement officer will be at your window in a few moments.

My name is Mark Dean - and I'm a St Louis DWI Attorney. If you're reading this, I would imagine that you, or a family member, has experienced what I described above and was arrested for a DWI in the St. Louis area or somewhere in MO. And now, you have a lot of questions. Questions like:

  • Am I going to lose my license?
  • Will I have to miss any time driving?
  • Is the DWI going to impact my job?
  • Can the DWI charge be reduced?

If you have questions like these - or need immediate help with a St Louis DWI, call my office number at (314) 675-0000 - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. After hours calls are patched into my cell phone.

I really do welcome your call.

I will speak with you over the phone, or in-person, at one of my offices....at no charge.

If you call during the day, and I'm in court or with a client, I'll call you back as soon as I can - and after normal business hours, calls are patched into my personal cell phone.

When we talk, I will not pressure you in any way....

If you're looking for an experienced St Louis DWI lawyer that knows what he's doing in a courtroom and will aggressively work on your behalf, then I'd like to be the attorney you call....and here's why:

I have extensive experience in DWI litigation. I know what to look for in DWI arrests in order to successfully challenge your arrest and/or create reasonable doubt that you were not actually intoxicated at the time of the arrest.

I have no qualms about taking your case to a jury trial....if we determine that is the best option for you. And just as important....I have extensive experience in keeping you driving - with no, or as little interruption as possible.

The administrative aspect of your case (the status of your driver's license) is a completely separate issue from the criminal charge. Most attorneys have little or no experience in front of the administrative body that manages this process - and do not understand the procedure and function.

As a former Assistant Missouri Attorney General in the Administrative Affairs Division, I have extensive knowledge and skill in this area. Many attorneys will tell you that the winning an Administrative Hearing is virtually impossible.

While it can be difficult, depending on the facts and circumstances of your case, only an experienced DWI attorney gives you any chance before the Department of Revenue Hearing Officer.

If you need to drive....this experience alone can make the difference in whether you will be able to continue to drive.

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The bottom line is this - If you or a family member has been arrested for DWI in St Louis, call me at (314) 675-0000 for a free consultation.




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