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Automobile accidents are a leading cause of personal injuries.

As a St. Louis Personal Injury Law Firm, we focus our practice on automobile/trucking/motorcycle accidents.  Having worked for an insurance company for over four years defending these types of cases, and now as a successful personal injury attorney representing those who have been injured, Managing Attorney Mark Dean cautions:

"There is no doubt about it. The automobile insurance companies, though employing decent and nice people but who are also very good salespeople, have only one goal in mind ‒ to prevent or limit your recovery to as low a dollar amount as they can. My law firm was founded on the premise that those injured in automobile accidents should have a strong and knowledgeable voice against large and powerful insurance companies."

The injuries resulting from automobile accidents can include the obvious broken bones and outwardly clear injuries, but also traumatic or mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBI), even from seemingly minor impacts or simple whiplash-type accidents.

Even if you feel you are not injured or feel you have only suffered a minor injury (such as having headaches or feeling slightly sore) as the result of an automobile accident, you should see a doctor immediately and frequently thereafter to ensure you have not suffered a serious injury (or if you have, to have it treated properly immediately).

What to do following an automobile accident

After the accident an insurance company representing the other driver (or if that driver was uninsured, your own insurance company) may contact you.  The insurance adjuster, IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE, and in fact is an expert salesperson.  His or her job and/or bonus depends on keeping your claim to a minimum, if not outright denying it.  What to do:

  • Don’t talk to an insurance company if you have not spoken with an experienced personal attorney first. The insurance company has a job to do ‒ represent the interests of its insured ‒ not help you.  So, speak with an experienced personal injury attorney, such as Managing Attorney Mark Dean, before talking to the other driver’s insurance company.
  • Focus on your injuries and getting the medical care and attention that you and your family needs. Now is not the time to be stoic or ignore any pain or injuries that you may be experiencing. Don’t be a "tough-guy" or "tough-gal" ‒  get help.
  • If you do not have medical insurance, we can put you in touch with a doctor that will treat your injuries and collect their fee once you have received an award on the case we handle.
  • Organize all the documents and papers that you have regarding the accident and your medical care ‒ the police report, letters from an insurance company or the company involved in the accident, any paperwork from the hospital, ambulance, or any doctors that may have been seen. Keep all of this together and organized so that a personal injury attorney can assess your case quickly and intelligently

We take every case very seriously.  Whether you have been in a small fender bender or a severe impact/catastrophic accident, you need the services of an experienced automobile accident attorney to even the playing field with the powerful insurance company, who will try to give you a lowball settlement, or deny your claim outright..

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, contact The Law Office of Mark Dean today at (314) 623-9126, 1-800-431-3212 or (618) 208-0900 for a free consultation, and no pressure consultation.  We handle cases throughout Missouri and Illinois.



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