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Damages In A Wrongful Death Case In Missouri

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Damages in a wrongful death case are often quite different than in a typical personal injury case.  In a traditional personal injury case, the plaintiff is usually personally physically and economically damaged.  Of course, in a wrongful death case, the person directly physically injured is regrettably, deceased.  If the deceased suffered pain from the time of his/her injury and the death, an award for suffering is proper.  However, damages for grief or bereavement are not recoverable.   Thus, the plaintiff(s) (such as a surviving spouse, child, or parent of the deceased) must be able to articulate some of the following:

1.  What hardships have you suffered due to the loved one’s death?;

a.  What are the financial hardships (such as loss of income, medical expenses, funeral expenses, household services, etc….?)

b.  What are the non-economic losses–such as the deceased companionship, instruction/guidance (especially if a parent), the impact of the loved one’s death on family activities/traditions?

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