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Personal Injury/Wrongful Death.  At the Law Offices of Mark Dean, if you have suffered a personal injury or a loved one has died, you have been injured once.  We believe in picking our cases carefully to try and ensure profitability for the Firm and for the client.  We do not want the client to be injured by his or her own attorney, who charges anenormously high contingency fee.   We sometimes contract for higher or lower contingency fees, depending on the complexity of the case and risk.  Costs and expenses are separate and deducted upon successful completion of the case.  We normally do not charge for costs and expenses if there is unfavorable outcome.

Workers Compensation.  The maximum amount that can be charged in Missouri Workers Compensation cases is 25%.  The maximum amount that can be charged in Illinois Workers Compensation cases is 20%.  Costs and expenses are separate and deducted upon successful completion of the case.  We normally do not charge for costs and expenses if there is an unfavorable outcome.

Social Security Disability/Supplemental Security Income.  We charge the standard 25% of past due benefits, or $6000 (whichever is less).  We normally do not charge for costs and expenses in these cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I talk with a personal injury lawyer for free?  Will you visit me at my home or in the hospital.

Answer:  All consultations with our office are absolutely free and confidential.  We will travel to you if needed.

Question: What is the attorney fee?

Answer: If we are successful, our fee structure is set forth above.  You are not charged an attorney fee if we are unable to recover.

Question: Can I try to settle my personal injury case without an attorney?

Yes.  But you are more than likely to leave money on the table.  The attorney fee, contingent on a successful outcome, will pay for itself easily in most cases.  Insurance adjusters are working for their insurance company, NOT YOU!  The person who you might be dealing with is often a very good salesperson and may be a nice person.  But that person's job and/or bonus depends on MINIMIZING YOUR SETTLEMENT.   The insurance company can only do this if you are not represented by an experienced injury attorney.  Additionally, while an adjuster will tell you about "liability" coverage, he or she will not inform you that there may well be other coverage available to you to claim from (especially in policy limits cases).  We will get you maximum compensation from all eligible insurance policies.

Another major reason to hire an experienced personal injury attorney, and often overlooked by those injured due to the negligence of others, is that more often than not, there will be an entity (health care providers, health insurance, government, Medicare/Medicaid) asserting a lien on your settlement.  These liens will often purport to eat away most, if not all, of your settlement.  These lienholders often assert liens that are not valid and/or there are legal provisions that allow for the reduction of these liens.  The lienholder is not required, not will they, tell you about these reductions.  Only an attorney who is knowledge in this area of the law (an experienced personal injury attorney who deals with it regularly) can apply the law, and successfully negotiate (if not negate completely) these liens to the correct and lowest amount allowable by law.


Question: Why should I use Dean Law versus another firm?

Answer: People use this firm not only because of our low contingency fees, but because of our quality of work and reputation.  Moreover, all vital aspects of the case is handled by Mark Dean, Managing Attorney.  Clients know that their claim is being handled personally by a highly qualified and experienced attorney.  Additionally, our firm has a much better chance to secure a quicker settlement than a firm that does not specialize in these areas because we are willing, and will, go to trial if need be.  This does not mean your case will go to trial.  Most cases handled by our firm are settled quickly but ONLY because the insurance firms know we are preparing for a jury trial from the moment you engage our firm.

Question: Will my case have to go to trial?

Answer: The majority of cases are settled without a jury trial.

Not many cases are tried period, and I end up trying only 2-3 a year --but my clients often get more than fair value for their claims, often early in the process ONLY because the insurance company adjusters and lawyers know I will try the case and know how to prepare a case for trial.  We prepare our cases assuming a trial from the get go--it is the only way to scare the insurance company into a fair settlement.

Question: What is uninsured motorist coverage?

Answer: Uninsured motorist coverage compensates you, or persons insured under your auto insurance policy, for amounts that you may be legally entitled to collect as damages from an owner or operator of an uninsured car.  Under Missouri law, you must have this coverage in the minimum amount of 25K per person, 50K per accident.  The Illinois minimum amount, which you are required to have, is 20K per person, 40K per accident.

Question: What is underinsured motorist coverage?

Answer: Underinsured motorist coverage is insurance you may elect to carry on your own insurance policy which pays for your injuries in the event that the at-fault driver does not have large enough insurance coverage amounts.





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